3 Things You Can Do with Your Outdoor Sound System

Bring Entertainment to Your Florida Backyard in Exciting Ways

Summer 2020 may be a bit different than previous summers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t outfit your Windermere, FL property for your maximum enjoyment. Summer fun at home is still an opportunity for creating memories with the entire family, so why not do it in style and with innovative technologies?

With an outdoor sound system, you can transform your backyard into an entertainment oasis. Many homeowners only consider the obvious capability — sitting on the porch, listening to music — when thinking about installing an outdoor speaker system, but there are many exciting ways to make the most of it.

Keep reading to learn three things you can do with an outdoor sound system that you probably haven’t thought of yet.

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Outdoor Karaoke

Who doesn’t like karaoke night? If that question makes you cringe and respond with, “NOT ME!” then perhaps you should scroll to the next section of this blog. For the majority of people, though, karaoke undoubtedly entertains everyone involved. It’s an opportunity to put your stress aside and let loose, either alone or with family and friends. Usually, it’s a chance to laugh at ourselves and express ourselves with music.

By adding a microphone to your outdoor sound system, you can start karaoke night in no time and melt your stresses away after belting a few lines of your favorite song. Your songs can come from your favorite karaoke CDs, YouTube videos, or a personal playlist. If you’ve integrated your outdoor system with your indoor system, you can use the same audio sources you use in your whole-home sound system.


Blend with Its Surroundings

Gone are the days of lugging out a giant boombox whenever you want to enjoy music by the pool. The modern outdoor music experience includes speakers and subwoofers expertly camouflaged into your backyard landscaping. Hidden technology is out of sight but not out of mind. There are a variety of speaker options available, from bullet speakers that serve as directional satellites of sound in your backyard to in-ground subwoofers that bring the bass to your outdoor movie and music audio.

Speaker placement is strategic in an expertly designed system from Ted Hollander Designs with installation in flowerbeds or by trees to not be seen but definitely heard. You can even select speakers that are camouflaged as rocks to blend seamlessly into your outdoor design motif.


Music To-Go

Many of us order food to-go, so why not apply the to-go concept to your audio entertainment? The Sonos Move is a durable, battery-powered smart speaker for indoor and outdoor use; it’s weatherproof, drop-resistant, and can be controlled by voice, the Sonos app, and Apple AirPlay 2. The best part — if Wi-Fi isn’t available, you can still stream via Bluetooth. It offers ten hours of continuous play time, so an outdoor hike, neighborhood walk, or patio hangout are perfect excursions for the Move.


If you’re ready to think outside the box with your outdoor sound system, call Ted Hollander Designs today at (407) 448-9500 or connect with us using this form. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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