How to Get Started with High-Performance Audio

Aspire to Greatness with These Solutions

Love music? Us too. That’s why we offer the best high-end audio solutions for your Windermere, FL home. Of course, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy great music in any room of your home — from wireless components to flawless, high-fidelity speakers that sound like a concert hall. But if you’re just getting started, you may need a little help. That’s why we’ve put together this blog. We’ll show you some great solutions, from affordable, multi-room solutions to high-performance audio products you can enjoy today while building the ultimate listening experience in your home. Want to get started? Keep reading.


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Sonos Play 5: Multi-Room Audio

Sonos puts total control of your music in the palm of your hand. As a wireless audio option, you can start building your system in any room of your home and continue adding components over time. Control it all with a single app, or integrate it with a home control system like Crestron for easy access.

Sonos Play 5 is a great way to get started on the whole home audio experience without sacrificing quality. The Play 5, tuned by producer Giles Martin, offers high-performance sound through custom-designed woofers for rich bass and three tweeters for high-frequency response. The Play 5 offers a wide sound stage and resonant sound through six digital amplifiers.

Of course, what makes Sonos attractive to a first-time audiophile is its wireless capabilities. Install multiple Sonos Play 5 speakers throughout your home for full coverage or pair two of them for 2-channel sound. Add a wireless home theater setup with the Sonos Beam, outdoor options, and more. When you’re ready to upgrade to true high-performance audio, take the first step with the Sonos Amp, which turns virtually any speaker into a wireless speaker.

Monitor Gold

When you’re ready to make the leap into high-end audio, there’s no better place to start than Monitor Audio’s latest line of performance audio speaker: Monitor Gold. Offering quality that’s leaps and bounds better than your average sound system at a price point that’s accessible to casual listeners, Gold is the perfect way to continue your journey to the ultimate listening experience.

Using the same driver technology that’s made their Platinum series a world-wide best seller, Monitor Gold offers a MPD high-frequency transducer for extended high frequencies; RDT II Cone technology for incredible stiffness that remains light and well damped; and Dual HiVe II ports, for tight bass and smooth airflow. Monitor Gold is the perfect place to start when you want to show off your high-end audio prowess.

Definitive Technologies Mythos Series

But what if you’re a true audiophile but are more interested in movie soundtracks than music albums? Definitive Technologies has the solution for you.

Today, lossless digital files and immersive surround sound cinema deserve a speaker that that virtually disappear. The Mythos Series delivers.

Featuring a built-in, 1200-watt subwoofer offering huge bass with minimal distortion, aircraft grade aluminum enclosures, and magnesium/aluminum tweeters, you’ve never heard anything like the Mythos ST-L SuperTower. With the Ultra high-end speaker that’s perfect for dedicated listening and home theater applications, you can experience true performance audio that will last a lifetime.


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