Home Theatre

Home theatre is an experience for you and your family. At THD we can provide a turn-key solution from interior design to build out or will work with you and your professional team to ensure a fully immersive video or game. Whether you want to build a themed theater with reclining seats and dramatic lighting, or if you want to recreate the ambiance of your favorite childhood theater, our team of professionals is here to listen to your wants and desires.  Our job at THD is to help make your home cinema experience as rich and as full as it can be, and that’s exactly what we do.

Multi-room AV

Audio Video distribution systems provide you with the ability to enjoy a superior media experience in any room, without the complication of having multiple devices or confusing controls. At THD, we will customize a distribution system specifically designed for your lifestyle as well as the acoustics of your home. Our customized systems are user-friendly because we provide our clients with customized keypads and touch screen remotes, and can even provide you with control via your Ipad or iPhone. Music is supposed to be enjoyable, and at THD we make sure that it is.

Lighting & Shading Control

THD puts you in complete control of your home environment with state-of-the-art lighting control and shading systems. Whether it is custom engineered systems that respond seamlessly to your lifestyle and home environment or packaged lighting solutions, THD understands how to bring it all together to provide the utmost in simplicity and convenience for all of your lighting needs.

A push of a button guarantees an exact scene for various purposes such as safety, privacy, sunlight management, ambiance as well as task management. These choices can significantly enhance the elements or features of space making an area more functional and pleasing.

User Interface

All of your home electronics can be seamlessly integrated into one-touch simplicity!
THD has had over thirty years of experience, learning what it takes to deliver a good user experience. Good interfaces are simple and intuitive; key and responsive. For instance, turning a light on requires the press of one button which is always where and when you need it. As well there are scenarios where keypads make more sense than touch screens and where tablets and PDAs provide exceptional options. Technology is changing quickly, good interface decisions can make an enormous difference in the responsiveness and enjoyment of home controls. accessible.

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