Breaking Down the Latest Trends in Smart Home and A/V Technology

Here’s the Latest: From The Best of CEDIA to Crestron’s Latest Updates.

As the owner of Ted Hollander Designs, I’m always trying to stay on top of the latest trends in our industry.

After all, my job is to deliver you with best-in-class home technology solutions, featuring the latest systems that are sure to elevate your lifestyle.

And there’s plenty of recent developments for me to cover, from the innovative products on display at this year’s CEDIA Expo in San Diego to the latest Pyng OS updates.

If you’re looking for the best and the latest audio-video and smart home technology solutions for your home in the Windermere area, my team and I are here to help.

Below, I dive into the latest trends I’ve observed across the industry.

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The Emergence of 8K-Resolution Products

One of the most noteworthy trends I noticed from this year’s CEDIA Expo, which ran from September 6-8 in San Diego, was the emergence of 8K-resolution TVs and projectors.

For example, Digital Projection showcased its stunning, innovative INSIGHT LASER 8K projector in an immersive demonstration that blew everyone away.

Boasting 25,000 lumens and 20,000 hours of power, as well as optimal colors and black levels, the brand’s first 8K projector simply is stunning. And yes, you can immediately tell the difference between 4K and 8K.

While the INSIGHT 8K projector will be primarily for commercial large-venue applications, I also observed several other 8K products available – including some for residential applications.

While there is a lack of 8K-native video sources currently available, I expect over the next few years that more content will be 8K-ready – further elevating any viewing experience far beyond 4K UHD.

Marantz’s IMAX Enhanced A/V Pre-Processor

Moving on to the best in audio technology from this year’s CEDIA Expo, I wanted to give a special mention to Marantz and its brand-new AV7705 Pre-Processor.

The AV7705 will be among the first products in the world to support IMAX Enhanced audio and it’s certainly cause for excitement.

If you’ve ever seen an IMAX movie in theaters or at a museum, you know just how immersive and stunning the experience is. Now, imagine that jaw-dropping experience right in the comfort of your own home. Marantz’s new A/V pre-processor will be able to support the immersive IMAX format, delivering 3D audio to any home theater setup.

Of course, the AV7705 won’t only support IMAX audio. It also will support Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and several other industry-leading immersive audio formats.

I’m excited not only to see the AV7705 in action but also to observe how the IMAX Enhanced program impacts home theaters across the country and here in the Windermere area.

Crestron’s Pyng OS 2 Updates

Finally, I wanted to shift to recapping Crestron’s latest updates to its Pyng smart home technology control platform, with its OS 2 announced on August 15.

Already an industry-leading control platform for any smart home system, the OS 2 updates to the Pyng system elevate an already stunning product, in my opinion.

Firstly, I love the fact that the Pyng OS 2 platform allows for cloud-based services – meaning my team and I can perform any necessary maintenance remotely, providing you with peace of mind knowing that help genuinely is one call away.

Additionally, the latest OS updates to the Pyng system now allow for control of video and route sources as well as the ability to group speakers to the same audio source. Crestron plans to release that same grouping capability for TVs shortly.

I also have been impressed with Crestron’s release of several modern, comfortable remotes for their Pyng systems.
It’s common knowledge that Crestron is committed to an unparalleled user experience. In my opinion, the Pyng OS 2 updates confirm that drive by allowing for more intuitive, personalized and affordable home technology options.


Of course, the smart home technology and A/V industries are continually evolving. I’m here to ensure that you and your family always will be able to enjoy those innovative, world-class technologies right here at your home in Central Florida.

If you are interested in any of the technologies mentioned above or just want to learn more about the possibilities for your home in the Windermere area, reach out to me today!

Get in touch with me now by filling out our short contact form here. I look forward to hearing from you!

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