How Home Lighting Control Transforms Any Space

Make a House a Home with One-Touch


“What’s the most important piece of smart technology you can add to your home?”

It’s probably the most common question I hear. Smart automation is fun, but most homeowners don’t want to waste time or money adding unnecessary devices to their property.

So, what do I tell them? Home lighting control. The right lighting can make any house a home, whether it’s a detached pool house or your second or third property.

And while plenty of homes in and around Windermere have large windows, without lighting, you can’t enjoy many of the basic aspects of Florida living.

That’s why I tell my clients, if you’re planning to add smart technology, starting with lighting is a bright idea.


What Can Smart Lighting Do for You?

Obviously, lighting is the first step in any kind of interior design. After all, if you can’t see your décor, what’s the point.

But smart lighting goes a step beyond just brightening up your spaces. You can control separate zones, dimming the illumination in some areas and raising it in others, to emphasize the things you love about your home.

Plus, centralized control means you don’t have to wander all around your property looking for switches. Just one tap on your control device makes it easy to adjust all the lights in your home.

And lighting isn’t just about beauty. It’s also a necessary safety feature.

The truth is, brightly lit homes are far less likely to become targets for potential threats lurking in your neighborhood. Smart lighting indoor and out helps ward off the bad guys, even when you’re miles away.

In other words, lighting is one of the most essential aspects of any home. When you install a smart system, it just gets even better.


Do I Need to Automate Everything?

A smart lighting system connected with other integrated technology can have a huge impact on your lifestyle. From home security, to comfort, to convenience – everything can work with just one touch.

But you don’t have to have a “smart home” to enjoy smart lighting.

Major manufacturers like Lutron and Crestron understand that lighting is the type of tech that homeowners will add to second and third properties – spaces they don’t want to integrate completely.

That’s why they produce independent lighting solutions that can stand alone or integrate with the rest of your technology in the future.

Either way you go, you’re ensured the full benefit of a home lighting control system.


What else is there to say about home lighting control? Plenty!

You can get all of the answers you need by clicking here.


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