The Simplest Way to Make Sure Your Home Stays Safe While You’re Out

Home Lighting Control Makes Your Winter Park, FL Property Shine

We’ve all been here: The sun is out, you’ve got nothing to do – it’s time to step out and enjoy some of the local attractions.

Maybe go to a movie or check out an Orlando theme park. The only problem is that you don’t know when you’ll be home.

You might not get back until well after dark. Which means your home can be exposed to potential threats in and around town.

So how do you keep your home safe while you’re out? By using home lighting control solutions.

And I don’t mean any off-the-shelf solutions. I only work with top quality lighting control products from companies like Crestron, Lutron and RTI.

Don’t believe me? Here, I’ve put together some tips on how you can use your system to help protect your home.

Tip #1: Leave a Light On

Have you ever left a single light on when you left the house?

The logic is simple: Your home is less of a target when it’s occupied. A light left on means someone is probably home.

But just turning on a lamp probably won’t fool anyone. Thankfully, you can use your smart lighting system for a more realistic effect.

With a single touch, you can set your lighting to an “away” or “mockupancy” mode. That means the lights alternate between each room at realistic intervals.

Essentially, it looks like someone is moving through the house and occasionally walking from room to room.

The best part? Smart lighting can integrate with your motorized shading system and your AV gear to enhance the illusion.

Tip #2: Use Landscape Lighting for Security

I love landscape lighting.

It just makes a beautiful Winter Park backyard look extraordinary.

And that’s the main reason you’d invest in a system – to make your property more beautiful.

But it can also help keep your spaces safer.

No one wants to break into a well-lit area. So the lighting in your yard means anyone who wants to target your home will likely avoid it.

Plus, it can help keep you and your loved ones safe when you decide to cook out in the spring and summer.

Tip #3: Make it Hands-Free

Lighting automation is designed to simplify your life. But that doesn’t mean you want to remember when to engage your system every night.

Instead, make it simple with timers and geo-fences.

The first option means your lighting will spring into action at a pre-set time every night. That’s a great option if you have a regular schedule. For instance, maybe you work a late shift and don’t get back home until 10 at night.

But for many of us, life isn’t so predictable. If that’s the case, a geo-fence is a great solution.

Once you move past a certain pre-determined threshold, your system activates and goes into the “away” mode.

You won’t have to worry if it’s working, and if you’re unsure, you can still check via your smartphone or tablet.


Keeping your property safe is a top priority for many. And there are plenty of ways to do it with smart automation – including your home lighting control system.

If you want to learn more about how to use automation to help you stay safe, just click here.

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