Can Home Automation Systems Lead to Healthier Living?

How Smart Home Technology Improves Wellness

When people think of smart home automation, they tend to think first about luxury and convenience. While that may be a huge benefit of automation, it’s not the only reason to invest in smart technology.

One of the most recent trends in smart home technology is the intelligent use of systems and automation for wellness. And one of the major areas focuses on the management of light in the home.

We intrinsically know that lights affect us in different ways and can alter mood. Dreary, cloudy days – fortunately, infrequent in Central Florida – can depress people, and sap energy. Morning sunlight wakes us up, and darkness prepares us for rest and sleep. This effect of light on our natural behavior patterns is called the Circadian Rhythm.

The science behind the Circadian Rhythm goes further to note that the hue and intensity of light affect us in different ways. Brighter, “cooler,” bluer toned light makes us alert and awake. Dimmer, “warmer,” red and yellow hues – like that of a setting sun – relax us and prepare us for eventual rest and sleep.

How can a home automation system help with Circadian Rhythms and make us live healthier in Lake Mary? Keep reading to learn more.

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Tunable Lighting

Lighting fixtures and bulbs have historically been available in cool to warm light temperature. The problem was, they weren’t variable. Whatever it was, it stayed that way. Modern LED lighting has changed that. Today some bulbs and fixtures can vary the color temperature according to Circadian patterns, display a rainbow of color, and dim very precisely while maintaining that warmth that helps our bodies naturally relax.

When you couple tunable lighting with home automation systems, you now get to use automation to make light work for you. You can have your light mimic the outdoor sunlight as you work indoors. Your body can naturally adjust to the changing light and get you ready for a more restful night.


Motorized Shades and Window Treatments

In Florida, we’re fortunate to have lots of sunlight year-round. We can harness that natural light better with home automation too. Motorized shades can let you open up your windows to the light in the right balance with indoor light, creating a bright and energetic ambiance during the day with tunable lighting. The advantage of motorized shades is that you can use them with home automation to create your preferred ambiance. Make your artificial lighting, natural light, and your smart thermostats work in unison to provide a balanced atmosphere for work and play indoors. In the evenings, especially in summer, block out glare from the setting sun but let in just enough light with warmer tones to promote relaxation.


Harness the power of natural light for improved health and wellness with home automation. We can show you many other advantages of home automation systems for safety, efficiency, and more. Please click here to connect with us and learn more; we look forward to working with you.

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