How to Choose the Right Motorized Shades for Your Space

Home Lighting Control Solutions for Your Lake Mary, FL Home

Home lighting control is essential for two things: saving you energy and making your property gorgeous. And the easiest way to do both at once is by using natural light. Whether you want to impress your guests with a gorgeous interior design with just the right amount of sunlight or reduce lighting costs without raising the amount you spend on the thermostat, motorized window shades help you achieve these goals. In this handy guide we help you choose shades for your home. From the style to the control solution, check out what it takes to optimize the natural light in your Lake Mary home.

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Step #1: Select a Style

You can install formal looking draperies for an elegant style. Or you can select discreet roller shades to keep attention on some other design choices. With dual roller shades, you can even have both at once. Whatever you choose, your shades can’t help but define the style of your room.

Of course, they also have to be functional. If you’re trying to keep your living room cool while illuminating it with sunlight, then heavy curtains won’t be very functional. Instead, you’ll want some light sunshades that filter natural light through. You have to select a solution that not only looks good but fulfills the function you have in mind.

Step #2: Choosing a Fabric

Once you’ve selected a style of shade, it’s time to choose your fabric. For instance, in a northern Florida home you get to enjoy warm summers and temperate winters, so sunshades are often a perfect solution. They help you minimize your reliance on lighting fixtures while still keeping your home temperature at a constant, comfortable level.

Variables like the openness factor and color can impact how functional your window treatments are down the line. A greater openness factor means more light can filter through and you get a better look at your majestic views.

Pro tip: it may seem counter intuitive, but darker colors are often more beneficial to your spaces. While homeowners tend to like the look of light colored shades in the showroom, dark shades frequently present less glare and enhance visibility when faced with direct sunlight.

Step #3: Automate and Integrate 

What your shades look like and how they keep your rooms cool are important factors, but they’re also only part of the equation. You also want your automated shades to work with the rest of your smart home system to help you save energy. Your window treatments should work with your smart lighting and thermostat for hands-free convenience.

When you integrate a motorized shading system, you don’t have to keep your eye on the energy bill each month. You can install sensors that monitor the temperature and amount of light in each room. Once the sensors detect conditions that cross their pre-determined thresholds, your system can spring into action.

On a day-to-day basis you can also upgrade from manual control. We help you find the ideal way to manage your shades whether it’s via a wireless remote, mobile app, or even voice control.

Want to integrate shades that are both stylistic and efficient? Ted Hollander Design can help. Contact us for more information today!

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