How Style and Function Intersect with Your Home Entertainment


Build a System That Looks as Good as It Plays


If you’ve done any research on home av equipment, you probably get a lot of information on how the devices work.

Specs, performance reviews, and more tell you all about the quality of the product. You may even think that’s all the AV industry cares about.

But I work closely with homeowners and designers, and I know just how important it is for any space to look great as well as perform properly.

When design and technology meet, you build the foundation of a true entertainment system. Below, I’ll show you just how you can get the most out of both aspects.


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Hiding Technology

It may come as no surprise, but there have been huge strides by technology manufacturers to help hide devices throughout your home.

From recessed lighting and audio fixtures to flush-mount wall panels that conceal switches and electrical outlets, many manufacturers have developed clever ways to keep your home looking magazine-ready, while still providing the advanced functionality that smart technology allows.

But when it comes to a lot of AV equipment, visibility is the key to enjoying it. After all, a 4K UHD flat-panel isn’t very useful if you can’t see it!

As part of our process, we sit down and determine what you’ll need before we start deciding on a system design. If you want a versatile media space – one that can function as a rumpus room as well as a home theater – we can help.

Motorized lifts are a great way to hide large flat-panels within the furniture or walls. We can program your controller so all it takes is one touch to set it up every time you want to use it.

One tap will bring the TV out of the wall and turn on the display and sound system. One more will put it back in place.

Or if you prefer a projector and screen combination, one tap will lower the projector from its overhead alcove and drop the screen down to reflect the appropriate aspect ratio of whatever you’re watching.

We also have additional tools that can transform your TV into a work of art. When not in use, the Samsung Frame TV shows the artwork of your choice to become a captivating part of your interior design. The same can be achieved with TV art frames. When closed, they resemble a piece of art, then open to reveal your TV when you want to use it.

Storing Equipment

Of course, your TV and speakers are just some of the components you use to watch your video content. You also deal with sources, AV switches, wiring and more.

As you can imagine, those are a bit harder to hide within the room – they’re big, black, bulky pieces of powerful technology.

For some of our media room and home theater installations, we use elegant solutions from BDI. Your electronics can be safely hidden away in furniture that blends with your unique style.

We can also neatly rack everything within an unused closet. You maintain total control over your AV thanks to strong connections via fiberoptic and ethernet cabling, but you’ll rarely, if ever, look at the gear.

And an additional benefit: when you call me up for service, maintenance, or to add a new piece of equipment, the process is simple because everything is expertly organized in one place.


What else can I say about the way interior deign and home av technology intersect? Plenty!

Just let me know any questions you have right here.