When is a TV the Best Choice for Your Home Theater Installation?

Find Out Why Projectors Are Not for All Home Theater Systems

When you think of what comprises a home cinema, what first comes to mind?

For me and many others, it’s the classic projector and screen combination. It’s the most traditional way to enjoy a film, after all.

But for some home theaters, a projector might not be the best way to enjoy your home entertainment. In those instances, a flat-screen television could be the perfect fit.

Below, I explore why a TV might be the best choice for the home theater installation in your Lake Mary, Florida house. Keep reading to find out the reasons.

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There is Limited Wall Space

Not every home features a dedicated space for a private cinema.

Even if yours does, there are no guarantees that it is a large enough space to warrant a projector and screen combination.

If there is limited wall space in your home cinema due to your room’s dimensions, you shouldn’t be forced to squeeze in a projector and a screen.

In those cases, a flat-screen TV might be the best option. Today’s best TVs can be more than 7 feet wide, meaning it can still be the go-to feature of your home theater system while reasonably fitting within your space.

And there’s one crucial misconception about home theaters that I want to dispel: You don’t need a projector to achieve the best image quality.

Image Quality Is Your Top Priority

As I mentioned above, you don’t need a projector to achieve top-of-the-line image resolution in your home cinema.

In fact, some TVs deliver superior picture quality compared to projectors.

Consider this: Both TVs and projectors can deliver image in 4K Ultra HD resolution. While a projector then has to transfer it to a screen for you to view, a TV natively can project an image to the screen.

Some of these high-end TVs also feature OLED backlighting, which not only provides a bright image that projectors struggle to match but also delivers pure black colors and stunning high-contrast picture.

Almost no projector on the market can match the image quality from a 4K OLED television.

The only downside: You are limited in your potential screen size – the largest OLED TVs currently available are 77 inches wide.

You Want Built-In Smart Features

If you want to add smart features to your home cinema, such as media-streaming capability, in a projector/screen setup you’ll need to add a separate device – like an Amazon Fire or a Roku Stick.

TVs, however, showcase built-in connected features that allow you to browse the internet without any additional devices.

Just connect your smart TV to your home network, and you can then access YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and a variety of other streaming services – right in the comfort of your home theater setup.

Best of all, the 4K OLED TVs we discussed above are all smart-native televisions. All you need to do is wall-mount your screen, and you can emulate a commercial cinema experience with just a TV.


TVs aren’t the perfect fit for every home theater installation. But they are an under-appreciated option that can deliver a truly memorable viewing experience in your Lake Mary home.
If you contact my team now, I can work with you to determine whether a TV might be the best choice for your home cinema. Just click here to contact me today!

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