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Why Should You Want a Professional to Help Install Your Home Theater?

 Get the Most Out of Your Windermere, FL Theater or Media Room Installation

As home theater experts, my team and I occasionally encounter potential clients who previously had theater installations go wrong – whether it was from a DIY project or elsewhere.

Some common mistakes we’ve observed: Disproportionate display sizes and height, poorly placed and calibrated speakers, and even theaters in which natural light wasn’t accounted for during the initial design.

We at Ted Hollander Designs always are eager to assist those customers.

But for your home theater installation, you shouldn’t have to need a revamp of your entire system right away.

In fact, your theater or media room should be operating to perfection from the moment you watch your first movie.

A professional home theater expert can ensure that happens. Below, we explore just what working with one can mean for your Windermere, FL project.

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Technology Configuration and Calibration

Once you determine where you want your theater within your residence, we can begin working with you to build the perfect space.

If there’s natural light entering the room, we recommend installing motorized window treatments to block any potential glare and impact on picture quality.

From there, we can help you choose a screen that makes sense according to the size of the room and a seating arrangement from which everyone easily can watch the action.

Having a professional assist with your home theater installation, though, means you can have access to the ultimate viewing experience.

For that, I recommend 4K projection and a Dolby Atmos surround sound speaker setup. What does that include? A perfectly clear image quality and an immersive listening experience that even surpasses any commercial cinema.

in some cases, instead of going with a projector-and-screen combination, the room may be more suited for a large flat panel TV.

My team and I can help you make those difficult decisions.

We not only can calibrate each speaker so that it targets sound toward where your seats are, but we also can install every technological component within your theater to perfection.

By the time your professional installation is complete, all that’s left for you to do is enjoy your favorite film in your new theater.

Home Theater Automation Control

I know this first-hand. Independently dealing with every piece of technology can be overwhelming – especially in a media room.

That’s why I find it especially important to include automation control in home theater installations.

What does that mean for you?

My team and I can integrate every piece of technology in your theater – from your lights to your Blu-ray player to your projector – and merge its controls onto one universal system.

You can access this system from the convenience of an in-wall touchscreen or even your smartphone or tablet.

With the press of a single button, you can turn off all of the lights, activate your projector and ready your room for a movie. From the same interface, you can choose what you want to watch – whether it’s from your favorite streaming service, Blu-ray disc or digitally stored film.

The point is, a professionally installed automation system can make controlling your home theater easy and fun so that you can effortlessly watch your favorite film.

And that’s the whole point of having a home theater in the first place, isn’t it?

Convenience and Ongoing Maintenance

I understand why a DIY home theater project might be appealing. There’s nothing like taking pride in your own work.

But with a professional installation, you can avoid every headache associated with building and maintaining a theater.

My team and I can maneuver and hide wiring throughout your theater, install every device and integrate each piece into an expansive but easy-to-use control system.

We also can answer any question throughout the installation process and work with you to fit in any custom components you desire.

Our work doesn’t end once the theater is complete, either.

I offer ongoing maintenance so that should anything ever go wrong with your system, my team instantly can help fix it.

If you have any questions about how we can install a home theater in your Windermere or Orlando FL residence or beyond, I encourage you to reach out to us!

To get in touch, you can call me at 407.448.9500, or you can fill out a short form here and quickly receive a reply. We look forward to assisting you!

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