Upgrade Your Video Calls with a Better Network & Conferencing Technology

Stay Connected for Both Fun & Work This Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and as we celebrate with family and friends, we need a strong Wi-Fi network to reach everyone efficiently. Maybe for the first time, many of us are working or learning from home with our entire family. And we aren’t alone.

Microsoft Teams has replaced the office conference room, and teachers now share their lessons over Zoom. And on top of it all, many of us will be video chatting with our grandparents and friends this season instead of traveling. Which means a reliable Wi-Fi network and conferencing technology is essential this holiday.

With the right Wi-Fi networking and collaboration technology, you can find a way to be productive and socialize remotely. Read on to see our technology recommendations for your Windermere, FL, home.

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Video Conferencing That Keeps Your Team Focused

It’s been an adjustment for most of us to move from in-person meetings to video conferencing on home monitors and laptops. But with the video conferencing technology from Crestron and its smart soundbar, you can see your project team with perfect clarity and hear your client with quality sound. The Smart Soundbar was built for conferencing, and its built-in camera and microphone can pinpoint exactly where sound is coming from when you speak. All you need to do is change out of those pajamas back into your power suit to make your living room the board room.

Distraction-Free Video Calls So Your Kids Can Connect

Video calls are hard enough for adults to navigate; it’s a miracle that our children have adapted so well to engage in the classroom through a virtual chat room. But broken Zoom links and buffering feeds can frustrate even the most patient little student.

So, using a home network that is not only powerful but reliable is crucial so that your little students can see and hear their teachers and classmates without a glitch. If your internet is troublesome and slow, you could benefit from upgrading your router to Wi-Fi 6 technology, the latest standard in Wi-Fi. Add access points across your property to extend your network’s range to every room.

More Face Time with the People You Love

As we wrap up this strange year of working and schooling at home, we are headed into a holiday season where many of us will be separated from loved ones, possibly some for the first time. But we can still feel connected with grandma and grandpa with a reliable home networking system and Crestron video conferencing products.

With quality video and audio conferences like these, you might even forget that they aren’t actually in the room with you as you open presents together. And a strong wireless connection is just what we need for the new year.


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